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In the interior construction market today, besides the type of wood and iron furniture traditional coating, consumers still choose the product workbench, detailed, textured stainless steel 
furniture for home themselves. Since the product in high-end stainless steel materials have advantages that other packaging materials are: + Hardness and durable, resistant to all the effects of weather. + Create brightness, luxury for the modern space.
+ Very easy to clean dust and always feels very clean. + Very slightly from iron desk for easy movement and transportation.
With such advantages, certainly stainless steel products specifically banginox desk, dining table with IonX, the details stainless steel interior will be more consumers opt for own purposes
themselves. But you also have concerns about the selection table to work with stainless steel materials is good, the advantages of each type of stainless steel, to distinguish and preserve them.

Currently on the market there are many kinds of stainless steel such as SUS430, SUS202, SUS201, SUS304, SUS316. This type of stainless steel differ in composition so the durability, gloss levels are also different. Here are some features of the popular types of stainless steel: SUS430: magnetic, vulnerable to environmental impacts of tarnish.

Low price SUS202: magnetic, vulnerable to environmental impacts of tarnish.

Low price SUS201: nonmagnetic, durable over time, but avoid direct contact with the acid or salt.

Moderate price SUS304: nonmagnetic, can be used in any environment, always polished, ensuring food safety.

High price SUS316: nonmagnetic, can be used in all environments, including environments that require strict cleanliness.

Very high price However in the building, one only uses 2 basic types of stainless steel is SUS201 and SUS304. SUS201 stainless steel materials with durability, good shine, moderate price, with products suitable for indoor as such are not subject to rain and sun: Railings stairs, shelves, tables, chairs ... etc. The quality 304 stainless steel can maintain eternal shine in all weather conditions suitable for outdoor construction: rails, balconies, gates, doors, fences, etc. flagpole.

- Currently the largest stainless steel company in the market has put the company name as well as the type of sink is placed on stainless inox so customers can rest assured because there 
is fear of the wrong type of stainless steel was chosen. Or customers can use Inox reagents are sold in stores Inox. - Currently Vietnam market there are many manufacturers of these two types of stainless steel: Progress achieved, Hoang Vu, Vietnam cosmetics, etc .. Peace ... Price and quality depending
on each firm. However, it does not vary as much. - The quality of finished stainless steel mainly determined by the production unit. Products must be properly sized glass design, avoid warping, the welds have matured, are, ideally shaped
fish scales. The polished welds hygiene is also very important, deep cleaning will charge down color tarnish phenomena in the weld.

The steel grade of their 4xx martensite and ferrite stainless steel, the steel grade 2xx and 3xx of austenite stainless steel. In theory, the original austenite steel group completely nonmagnetic ( not magnet ) but, austenite steel groups transformed sharply hard when cold plastic deformation due to the transition from austenite into martensite deformation( which martensite phase the magnetic ). So, in fact, used magnets to distinguish the stainless steel grade, especially to distinguish the marks 2xx and 3xx, you can say is impossible. To distinguish the most accurate method can only analyze the chemical composition ( but more expensive ) or based on the method of identification according grinding sparks ( dependent on experience ).

* Steel group 4xx: because in the composition containing more Cr and Ni should hardly be formed when grinding rays and orange flowers with dark fire, end the shape of a flower blooming.
Strongly magnetic than 2xx and 3xx marks. * Steel group 2xx: Partly Ni Mn should be replaced with the same thickness at the label if 3xx, breaking or bending when it feels harder. When grinding, beam bright orange, thick sparks ,
fire flowers much more wings ( compared to 3xx ). * Steel group 3xx: When grinding, the beam has orange petals of little flames, sparks along with the flashing blip.