Industrial Kitchen Floor


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: INN-072


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- Kitchens are manufactured according to standards and technological processes according to ISO Standard 9001 - 2008 of Nhan Nghia Company reached.
- The kitchen floor has been designed and manufactured using imported stainless steel.
- Frame the kitchen floor, kitchen floor covered entirely in stainless steel.
- O38 04 mm stainless steel legs with adjustable tightener.
- Gas stove Taiwan 01 automatic ignition.
- 01 Necklaces gang Thermostats.
- Gas pipelines dedicated to stainless steel kitchen.
- 01 courses for 01 gas stove.
- Size Kitchen Reference: R750 x D750 x C550 / 850 (mm)
         (All margin of error of ± 10 mm allows permission)

(Made with standard dimensions of Nhan Nghia or if the size of the customer, they must match)

Special high-voltage wire for soft wire kitchen is fire resistant and high-end exotic rats first in the company Inox humanity.

* Products are shocked, flanging machine dedicated hydraulic shock.
* The welds are welded by argon against oxidation phenomena.
* Warranty 12 months absolutely free.

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