Floors 2 Industrial Stoves


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: INN-076


: 1908


- Floors are manufactured according to standards of hygiene and safety of food and process technologies according to quality standards of ISO 9001 - 2008 of Nhan Nghia Company reached.

- The kitchen floor is designed and manufactured using imported stainless steel.

- Stainless steel floor frame, coated stainless steel kitchen floor.

- Gas stove Taiwan 02 automatic ignition.

- Thermostats 02 dedicated iron tripod.

- Internal gas pipelines dedicated to stainless steel kitchen.

- 02 separate key for each gas stove.

- 04 foot stainless steel cylindrical O38mm.

- In particular, the foot has given rise are governed inox.

- Size reference: D1400 x R700 x C550 / 750 (mm)

  (All margin of error of ± 10 mm allows permission)

Special high-voltage wire for soft wire kitchen is fire resistant and high-end exotic rats first in Stainless Steel Co. humanity.

* Products are shocked, flanging machine dedicated hydraulic shock.

* The welds are welded by argon against oxidation phenomena.

* Warranty 12 months absolutely free.

* In addition to the warranty period we still maintained as required by the customer

(Production of different sizes according to the needs of customers using)

Very pleased to serve customers!.
All product information, please contact Hotline: 0917.569.624 (Mr Nghia)