Automatic dishwasher


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• Versatile automatic washing machines are manufactured according to standards and technological processes according to ISO Standard 9001 - 2008 of Nhan Nghia Company reached.

SUS 304 stainless steel producers imported under the most advanced technology available today.

Include more thick stainless steel from 0.6 - 2 mm .

- The skeleton of stainless steel pipe and V O38 bearing thick .

- Doors open hygiene inspection .

- Doors open test motors and electrical equipment .

- 6 foot put adjusted increase .

- With 3 dedicated motors for washing

- 1 ½ HP motors to load.

- Machine includes three water tanks to wash accordance Food Hygiene Safety .

- 2 hot tubs ( hot homemade machine )

- 1 tub of cold water

- Includes 3 filters and garbage ( food scraps ) to protect wash

- 6 truss tubes above and below , consisting of 18 need washing .

Electrical safety systems. Automatic water supply, when the basin has enough electrical parts will automatically disconnect and the lack of water in the tub,
electrical parts will work again to pump water into Stainless steel conveyor belt (the latest technology nets) Rotating stainless steel roller O116mm.
State Relays induction system, from 7kW consumption - 9 kw for the first 1 hour and the hours will be reduced from 2kw - 4 kw.
Wash from 1800 to 2200 respectively views / 1h.
 Supplied Accessories:
- 1 soaking vegetables.
- 1 out tray table.
- 1 compressor, used to clean the washing machine.
- 1 goal nets and the tools wash water collection tray.
Size: Washer mid D1700 x R660 x C1400 (mm)
Large washers D3000 x R700 x C1600 (mm)
 Adjust the temperature as needed, while the temperature in accordance with departmental needs and the power will automatically disconnect when
the temperature lowered over time to adjust electrical parts will work again in order to save fuel. (We produce the size according to the needs and specifications of our
customers use) Very pleased to serve customers!. All information contact the Hotline: 0917.569.624 (Mr Nghia)