6 compartment tray type Stainless steel (Commode wand)


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: INN-409


: 970

PREVENTION PART 6 INOX STYLE PLATE (compartment chopstick)

- Trays are manufactured according to the standards of hygiene and safety of food and process technologies according to quality standards of ISO 9001 - 2008 of Nhan Nghia Company reached.

- The tray is manufactured with stainless steel material non-magnetic stainless steel

- Stainless steel food trays have different standard sizes (tray used in the catering industry, trays used in schools ... etc)

depending on the object that uses the appropriate tray.

- Use: used in the catering industry, industrial parks, factories and export processing zones have frozen the number of workers

casting, in the army, and schools, ... etc.

- Society is growing according to which the essential needs of the growing material and highly suitable for the development of society
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