Shelves To Cart Cheap Multi


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Shelves To Cart Cheap Multi

- Shelf versatile selective bargains to be DESIGN & MANUFACTURING process technologies under standards ISO 9001 - (2008) 2015 of Nhan Nghia Company reached. Meet almost all cargo pallet size or weight of the goods as required, in accordance with all types of forklifts popular nowadays.

- Shelf versatile selective bargains to be designed in a manner easy bolt assembly moving and changing the distance between the floor to match demand

- Versatile Systems Shelf for cheap goods of Nhan Nghia Company resolved immediately, construction costs, the cost of rent. Comfort can store products, ensure the safety of the products to be stored. Management costs are brought down to a minimum.

* Narrow aisle forklifts, increase the area of use.

* Height versatile cargo pallets can reach 16m cheap.

* Use a dedicated forklift (forklift pyramid).

* Increase the storage area by 50%.

* Load versatile shelf for cheap goods often: 1000 - 2000kg / 1pallet or more.

* Must be mounted forklifts Rail for navigation on the background.

* The ability to choose good pallets 100%.

* Shelf Stacker for versatile use to cheap goods (forklifts tower) forklift can move in a narrow passageway with the ability to operate with a very high level.

- Please call Hotline: 0917.569.624 (Mr Nghia) or (028) 6260 4552 for more details.

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